Here at FunkyPet we aim to provide top quality Animal & Pet Health products (and selected pest & insect control products) at competitive prices while giving all our customers that good old fashioned service where they are properly looked after and given help & friendly advice.

So I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a bit “About Sharon, Myself & Our Business” so you can gain a small insight into the sort of company you are shopping with and how we truly value all our customers and love to treat everyone a bit special.

In 2002, we took the huge decision to move from our little 3-bed semi where we’d lived for 14 years to a smallholding in rural Lincolnshire, to follow our dream and have a go at living the ‘good life’.

We took six chickens with us, and having more room we began to breed, hatch and rear our own chickens.

People started to call because they had seen the chickens in the front field, and ask if we had any chickens for sale. But back then, we only sold free range eggs to a few close friends.

During the down turn in the economy, keeping chickens started to become very popular. As I had kept chickens for nearly 30 years, I thought perhaps I could turn my hobby into a profitable business.

Sharon resigned from her job to concentrate all her efforts into our new business, which we hoped would provide a small income and the opportunity to do something that we both loved together. We bought some breeding stock of rare and pure breeds and started.

I made a huge sign and put it up by the roadside, and as the chickens became ready they sold as quickly as we could breed them. We wanted to supply birds that weren’t available locally, and alongside rare and pure breeds we saw the potential in selling hybrid (cross breed) hens that were friendly, good egg layers, long livers, and available all year round.

I found a reputable supplier who delivered the young hens at 16 weeks, ready to sell. They were fully vaccinated with 12 different types to choose from, so we could cater for everyone’s taste. They proved very popular, so with the help of a good friend built a website showing all the chickens and it generated lots of inquiries.

We started the business part time and in June 2013, I took the plunge and went full-time – generating a good turnover in our first year. I soon realised that “putting all my eggs in one basket” was going to be risky so adopted a “many streams make a river” approach, generating an income from several profitable sources:

So a couple of years ago we started sell Pest Control Products as well as our Poultry Products and after requests from lots of customers we decided to use our smallholding knowledge to start selling equipment online through Ebay, Amazon and other other online opportunities. We are very excited at the prospect of our soon to be released “Online Store”.

Recently, as we have a real passion for animals and pets we have expanded our product range to include many health products to help your animals & pets live happy, healthy long lives, and their owners to reap that animal companionship brings.

We’ve been featured in the following media:

BBC Radio Lincolnshire, Boston Standard, Boston Target, Lincolnshire Echo, Lincolnshire Life, Practical Poultry Magazine, Your Chickens Magazine, Country Smallholding Magazine, Country Le Vie Magazine, The Primary Times (teacher & parent magazine), Female First, Male Extra, The Daily Post Wales, This is Lincolnshire, Mums And Dads Magazine, Country File Magazine, Lincolnshire Today)

We are now recognised as experts in our field
We have built our business by always looking after our customers and giving them what they want many now come back time after time.

Mark & Sharon