If you have space in your garden or school the idea of keeping a few chickens may have occurred to you as more and more people are now starting to keep a few chickens in their backyard or garden and even schools are starting to see the many benefits they can bring to their pupils especially primary school children.

Chickens At Home

There is no doubt that children adore chickens as they make super friendly pets, hens are very docile creatures and will introduce the children into the world of responsibility.

There is nothing more gratifying than watching your happy chickens roaming free, scratching around without a care in the world. They just seem to add that little bit of magic to the garden. Lets not forget the added bonus of fresh eggs and you can be happy in the knowledge of knowing what has gone into each egg and that it has been laid by a happy hen.

Chickens are very easy to keep and as long as a few basic rules are followed they should remain healthy and active.

Some of the other benefits include money saving as after the initial set up it is cheaper to keep a few hens for your own eggs than it is to buy them from shops or supermarkets. Surplus eggs can be sold at the gate or given to family and friends and if you sell some of your eggs it will help with the cost of the feed.

Chicken poo and the soiled straw or wood shavings that are cleared from the coop provide valuable material for the compost heap. Rotted down it is high in nitrogen and can be used on your vegetable or flower garden.

Chickens also have labour saving qualities. They will clear any ground that you put them on in just over a week eating lots of bugs, pests, small slugs and snails along the way. All you have to do is move your chickens to another spot and plant your veg where they have cleared.

It is very therapeutic having chickens, no matter how stressful a day you have had spending some time with your chickens will soon make you forget the stresses and strains of the day. Each chicken has its own little character and can be very amusing.

So as you can see there are many benefits to keeping a few chickens in your garden and I am sure you will discover even more as you start keeping your own.

I think the only obvious down side to keeping chickens is the commitment you need to make to them. As a living creature your chook will be dependant upon you for its health and well being and safety as you will need to ensure they are locked up in their coop each evening without fail. It can be a concern if you want to go away or on holiday. They can also make a real mess of your garden if you do not protect your plants.

But as you can see the pros far out weigh the cons.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact Mark or Sharon at Chicken House Poultry who will be glad to help you.