More and more schools up and down the country especially primary schools are now starting to keep a few chickens in the school grounds because as well as the benefits we chicken lovers are already aware of, it has become clear that there are also lots of educational benefits and extra teaching opportunities too.

To start with, the children learn responsibility as they learn how to look after the hens and what is entailed in looking after living creatures,. Usually it is a job that the kids relish and often the teacher will have to set up a rota for looking after the hens so all the children get to have a go. Of course, if they do a good job the teacher may let the children have an egg as a reward!

Children can also keep a special “chicken book” noting down things like what the hens are fed, how many eggs they lay and notes on the chicken’s behaviour.

Studies can be made on things like the lifecycle of an egg and also the lifecycle of the chicken itself. The children can also use the eggs in baking cakes and other simple recipes. They can be of great benefit in developing children’s social skills.

Most importantly, it also brings home awareness of life around us, as many children really believe an egg comes from the supermarket. Some children also don’t really know anything about the chicken they eat at home or school.

It has also been proven in recent tests that keeping chickens can be of great benefit to children with learning difficulties or those with behaviour problems.

As you can see there are just so many benefits of keeping chickens in schools, it is difficult to think about any cons.

Here at Chicken House Poultry, we’re happy to help local schools set up their first foray into chicken keeping [and also lend our expertise to those schools who are more established. Contact us for more details.