Copper Black Marans

Copper Black Maran hens are very friendly and docile creatures. As their name suggests, Marans originated in Marans, France, and were imported into the United Kingdom during the 1930s.
Chicken House Copper 150×150 What are Copper Black Maran Hens Like?

The chooks produce very high quality eggs, a large percentage of which have gorgeous dark brown shells.

Copper Blacks are an excellent choice for chicken enthusiasts looking for varied colour egg production. They are quite active girls, taking well to free ranging in rough pastures and they are also hardy and disease-resistant.

Copper Black Maran chickens are black with copper feathers on their necks. They also have inquisitive orange eyes.

As a general guide, Marans lay approximately 150 dark brown eggs every year. That will keep you in omlettes!

Here at Chicken House Poultry, we sell Copper Black Maran hens to the public from our smallholding near Boston, Lincolnshire.