Some chicken keepers are still unaware that it is actually illegal to feed your hens kitchen scraps as chicken feed , animal by products, meat, or any food that has come through your kitchen.

This is because your hens themselves are producing a food product and cross contamination with meat or surfaces where meat has been prepared could occur. This applies to the domestic or pet poultry keeper as well as the commercial industry, regardless of if you sell the eggs or just keep them for your family.

It also applies even if you are a vegetarian household. Fully cooking any kitchen scraps also doesn’t reduce the risk of contamination and is therefore also not allowed to be fed to your pet chickens. There’s full guidance on this over at the DEFRA website.

At Chicken House Poultry, we also don’t recommend giving birds under 24 wks of age mixed poultry corn, bread, biscuits, crisps or pasta. Their digestive system is still immature  and is not designed to cope with any processed food, sugar or salt, giving rise to health problems, which can be fatal for your chooks.